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Integrate Cost and Schedule for Seamless Earned Value Management

Effectively integrating cost and schedule management is transformative for project success, and Pivotal provides a powerful solution that seamlessly integrates these aspects. Here's how Pivotal enables cost and schedule integration:

  • True earned value management: Pivotal's cost system interfaces and connects with both ERP and P6 files, enabling the user to run true earned value management. This integration ensures accurate tracking of project progress, cost performance, and schedule adherence, providing valuable insights for effective decision-making.
  • Manage float with an early warning system:Contractors can manage float within the system, while owners have the ability to set permissions to receive early warnings on trends. This collaborative approach allows for proactive identification of potential schedule and cost deviations, enabling timely corrective actions to be taken.
  • Contractor portal for seamless integration:Pivotal provides contractors with their own portal to upload cash flow and forecasts, allowing seamless integration into the overall project management process. This ensures that contractor data aligns with the project's cost and schedule objectives, facilitating accurate resource allocation and cost tracking.
  • Resource and cost-loaded schedules:Pivotal simplifies the process of resource and cost loading schedules. This allows the control budget to be cash-flowed and tracked over the project durations, providing visibility into the financial implications of the project schedule. This integration of resources, costs, and schedules empowers accurate project planning, monitoring, and forecasting.

The outcome of Pivotal's integrated cost and schedule management is the ability to make predictable outcomes for the project. By aligning the control budget and schedule, Pivotal enables proper earned value analysis, ensuring accurate measurement of project performance, and facilitating proactive decision-making.

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Streamlined Implementation & Onboarding

Pivotal's streamlined implementation and onboarding process has been carefully designed to ensure swift and efficient adoption of our technology. Our focus is on delivering a solution that can be implemented in stages, allowing clients to start benefiting from our product without overwhelming their existing systems or processes. We have made significant investments to minimize the time it takes for clients to derive value from our solution, recognizing the importance of a rapid return on investment.Additionally, our user-centric approach prioritizes intuitive use, ensuring that each user can quickly grasp the functionalities and become proficient in utilizing our product.

Dedicated Customer Success

We set ourselves apart from our competition with our matchless customer support. We have assembled a dedicated team who possess firsthand experience in managing capital projects and who have a deep understanding of the intricacies involved and how our product will be utilized in real-world scenarios. With this expertise, our team is uniquely positioned to provide personalized assistance and guidance tailored to each client's specific needs. We value the importance of real human interaction, ensuring that our customers have access to knowledgeable individuals who are readily available to address any concerns and ensure their success. At Pivotal, we firmly believe that our customers' success is intertwined with our own.

Built by Industry Insiders

We are a unique blend of construction insiders, tech founders, and product experts united to provide you with an intelligent, intuitive project controls platform. We are dedicated to delivering you a product that both solves the industry’s problems with a user experience that matches what we’ve come to expect from our consumer products.

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