Contingency  Management

Enable Effective Contingency, Risk, and Change Management

Contingency, risk, and change management are difficult.Pivotal enables effective contingency, risk, and change management with:

  • Change control and risk actioning:Pivotal allows for efficient change control once risks are identified and actioned within the system. With proper approvals and functions tracked, Pivotal ensures that changes are properly managed, documented, and aligned with project objectives. This systematic approach minimizes the risk of uncontrolled changes and promotes better decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Contingency drawdown and documentation:Pivotal facilitates the drawdown of contingency for unplanned events. By documenting the utilization of contingency, Pivotal provides transparency and traceability, ensuring proper financial management and accountability. This helps mitigate the impact of unforeseen circumstances and maintains project stability.
  • Audit trail: Pivotal provides you a clear and transparent audit trail. Pivotal's system automates the assessment of cost and schedule impacts, supporting the valuation process and agreement of the final account. This removes chances for dispute and allows for quick, visible resolution of realized risks and changes. Pivotal's streamlined processes and documentation ensure that contingency drawdown is handled properly and in accordance with project requirements.

With Pivotal's robust system, efficiently and accurately assess the cost/schedule impact of changes and support the valuation process and agreement of the final account. Pivotal reduces the chances for dispute and allows quick visible resolution of realized risks and change, while allowing for proper contingency draw down.

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Streamlined Implementation & Onboarding

Pivotal's streamlined implementation and onboarding process has been carefully designed to ensure swift and efficient adoption of our technology. Our focus is on delivering a solution that can be implemented in stages, allowing clients to start benefiting from our product without overwhelming their existing systems or processes. We have made significant investments to minimize the time it takes for clients to derive value from our solution, recognizing the importance of a rapid return on investment.Additionally, our user-centric approach prioritizes intuitive use, ensuring that each user can quickly grasp the functionalities and become proficient in utilizing our product.

Dedicated Customer Success

We set ourselves apart from our competition with our matchless customer support. We have assembled a dedicated team who possess firsthand experience in managing capital projects and who have a deep understanding of the intricacies involved and how our product will be utilized in real-world scenarios. With this expertise, our team is uniquely positioned to provide personalized assistance and guidance tailored to each client's specific needs. We value the importance of real human interaction, ensuring that our customers have access to knowledgeable individuals who are readily available to address any concerns and ensure their success. At Pivotal, we firmly believe that our customers' success is intertwined with our own.

Built by Industry Insiders

We are a unique blend of construction insiders, tech founders, and product experts united to provide you with an intelligent, intuitive project controls platform. We are dedicated to delivering you a product that both solves the industry’s problems with a user experience that matches what we’ve come to expect from our consumer products.

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You don’t need an IT team or months of implementation to get started. Pivotal doesn’t slow you down —  start small and leverage your own internally developed best practices.  

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