Project Controls
project controls dashboard by role engineering, project managers and  managers


reduction in time spent on project admin

$2.5 B

in capital projects estimated in Pivotal


reduction in time to QA & approve a proposal


increase in team capacity by removing double work

reduce risk of surpriseS and protect margins

A common data hub incorporates all project participants, allowing you to extend the work and cost breakdown structure to all participants and then continuously refine as a project nears completion. This enables you to:

Mitigate risk

Proactively mitigate risks to budget, time, and margins as projects progress

Increase accuracy

Continuously increase estimate accuracy and reduce errors 

Decrease time

Decrease time spent generating, validating, and updating estimates

Efficiently handoff

Enable data-rich and efficient handoffs between each stage and stakeholders 

Grow strategically

Strategically grow your team's capacity and the volume of projects

Transforming the way owners & EPCs Build & manage their business

“The ability to have consistent client reporting as a project develops has reduced the pushback on change orders to near zero.”
"I want to know, at the end of every project, why I was supposed to make 8% but only made 3%. That is my 5% disappearing. I don’t want to play the blame game, but I need to know what I can do in terms of additional training and support so we get closer to the 8% margin on the next project. I would love to catch these mistakes early so they aren’t shrugged off as the cost of doing business."
"Typically the assumed variance is plus or minus 50% early in FEED. Soon, with Pivotal, we are going to get to plus or minus 10% quickly before the project gets to procurement and construction."
"Without Pivotal's stage gates, we would often get stuck in a pre-feed loop. It's important to understand the scope during the due diligence process. It might make sense to advise the client not to pursue a full blown FEED estimate, but legacy workflows wouldn't afford us the ability to intelligently pose that question."
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Align all project stakeholders from Planning to Delivery 

Pivotal is a centralized location to plan, track and analyze capital projects. A common data hub allows you to programmatically improve accuracy, visibility, and collaboration at each stage, across all projects and across internal and external stakeholders. In all, make your entire project portfolio more predictable and repeatable. 

Data Integration

Data Integration

A common data environment improves access and visibility to real-time project data for all project participants, including project accounting.

data integration



In-app collaboration allows project participants to collaborate in real-time for efficient handoffs and contextual communication. 

office field collaboration



Standardize pre-planning to reduce time spent on estimates and make projects more repeatable and predictable.  

workflow standardization



Use historical actuals to automatically and continuously optimize estimates at each stage.  

business intelligence


Reduce risks of surprises and protect margins at every stage of a project by extending the work and cost breakdown structure to all project participants into a single data hub that is continuously refined as projects near completion based on cost and timelines.   
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Workflow Optimization

Improve how you plan and estimate projects by aligning spreadsheets and documentation across workstreams and individuals. 
Common Data Environment
Proposal Management
Proposal Templates
Dynamic Estimates
Project Benchmarking
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Project Delivery System

Real-time project tracking that gives you visibility into progress and costs across the stakeholder chain between owners, EPCs, and contractors at each handoff. 
Cost & Schedule Integration
In-App Collaboration
Status and KPI’s
Dynamic Owner Reporting
Status & Change Alerts
Milestone Monitoring
Pivotal's project delivery system screenshot showing budgets and milestones

Capital Project Portfolio

An aggregation of data and insights across all portfolios for improved resource allocation and planning so you can strategically build your business. 
Tracking against Estimates
Resource Loading
Reliable Forecasting
Pivotal's capital project portfolio product screenshot showing earned value
 horizon for a wind energy farm
farmland with energy

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You don’t need an IT team or months of implementation to get started. Pivotal doesn’t slow you down —  start small and leverage your own internally developed best practices.  

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